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Winner's Songs Revealed, X Factor Final '12

 X Factor

This year saw X Factor finalists pick their own winners song – for the first time since 2010. Jahmene sung The Beatles’ Let It Be whilst James plumped for Shontelle’s Impossible.

Jahmene took to the stage forthe Beatles classic Let It Be. The large choir made a return and Jahmene just used his voice (and a sparkly jacket) to stun the audience and earn a standing ovation from all 4 judges.
Louis said Jahmene was “born to sing” and that it was an “amazing interpretation.” Tulisa told Jahmene he “deserved it” whilst Gary said, “you have an unbelievable talent.” Nicole thanked Jahmene for a “Jahmazing moment” and described him as a “blessing.”

Jahmene described the whole experience as a “dream” and said he loved being able to “lift people up” – however he could barely be heard over the chanting crowd.

James Arthur summed his experience up as “unbelievable” and “the best experience of my life.” He said winning would be the “ultimate sense of achievement” and that he really wants to make his family proud – though is worried he will wake up and it’s all a dream. Don’t worry James, it isn’t!
James sang his choice Impossible by Shontelle. An interesting choice however the lyrics obviously meant something to him as he sung it with feeling and passion. James’ rendition also finished with a standing ovation from all four judges.

Louis thanked James for bringing something new every week, whilst Tulisa told James that she “got” him and understood him from his first audition. Gary told James not to listen to anyone else as James “knows best,” whilst Nicole rightly told him “You’re life is never going to be the same after this.”

The winner’s song will raise money for specially chosen charity, Together For Short Lives, who help children with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. The contestants went to help turn on the Downing Street Christmas lights, where the Prime Minister, David Cameron, told them that the single would not be subjected to VAT and so all profits will go to charity!
However before they sung their winner’s song, the two finalists had to sing their favourite song of the series. Jahmene sung Robbie Williams’ Angels. He dedicated it to his mum the first time and did so again tonight, wanting to make sure she got the message of how much she means to him.

Louis said Jahmene was “living proof dreams can come true” and told the audience he wanted Jahmene to win. Tulisa said Jahmene sounded “even more amazing” than the first time and that he “moved everyone.” Gary said it was a “pleasure to watch” Jahmene every week but it was Nicole that really summed up Jahmene’s performance. In tears, Jahmene’s mentor told the former Asda worker: “You’re my role model.”
James decided to spice things up for a bit and went for “Let’s Get It On.” It involved raunchy dancers and personally singing to each judge, paying special attention to Nicole Scherzinger.

Both Louis and Gary called James a “ready-made artist” with Gary specifying that James didn’t need developing by a record-label. Tulisa agreed and continued to back him to win. Louis also told Nicole that she was the best mentor ever in X Factor history and gushed about the American judge for a good 30 seconds! Nicole looked slightly embarrassed at Louis’ outburst whilst Gary and Tulisa looked slightly put-out..

Also in the first hour of the absolute final One Direction took to the stage with an energetic performance of their new single, Kiss You. When Dermot asked them the time-old question of “Who do you want to win?” Harry immediately said they were James-fans.

We were also treated to a performance from Emeli Sande, who sang and played the piano to her new tune, Clown. She mesmerised the arena and looked stunning in a black dress.

Who do you want to win and which winner’s song is your favourite?

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