Sunday, 15 December 2013

Top 5 Must Buy Items for Extravagant Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a funny sort of thing. It is something that we spend the entire year looking forward to, but then when it gets here we can’t wait for it to go away. It’s like spending thousands on the holiday of a lifetime, then realizing that you are homesick while you are on the beach or sitting around the pool.
So what do we all need to do in order to make Christmas as exciting and as extravagant as ever before, and even more so than in the past? We came up with five great ideas for a loud and exciting Christmastime.

External Lighting

Is there anything that shouts “CHRISTMAS” more than external Christmas lights on a home? The key to success here is to find the perfect balance between tasteful extravagance and just downright tackiness. It is our view that perhaps the more simple your lights, the better. If you decide to add a Santa, then a reindeer, then a penguin, then a snowman, you will soon find yourself not only looking like a Christmas retail store, but with an electricity bill that will make you turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge for the rest of time.
Keep it simple, keep the cost down, and indulge in quiet extravagance.

Fireworks Displays

If you have children in the house, then they are probably hugely excited when they go to a fireworks display, or can see one from their bedroom window. As its Christmas, why not push the boat out and bring the display to your home. You don’t need to spend fortunes on garden fireworks, and a simple display can make you the envy of the whole neighborhood. Let it be known you will be holding a fireworks display, and you might even find yourself popular with some extra bonus presents!

Statement Gifts

Let’s be honest, what do people like better when it comes to opening gifts? Do they want lots of small “stocking fillers” that will soon be broken or got bored of, or the statement gift that will be used for months to come? We’re not suggesting you go out and buy a Mac Book Pro for the whole family, but think practical in your gift buying, and you will find that the extravagance speaks for itself.

Christmas Dinner

This point isn’t for everyone, however at Christmas you tend to find more exotic, shall we say, meat options in stores. If you want to be a little flashier with your Christmas dinner this year, scrap the traditional turkey and opt for venison or veal instead.


Look, if you are going to stock up on alcoholic beverages for yourself and potential house guests this Christmas, then you might as well do it in style and go for the tastier, expensive variety. Even the best brands will be heavily discounted at this time of year, so you can be extravagant and classy – and show off a little – without spending all of your shopping budget on booze.

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