Tuesday, 30 October 2012

5 Fun Office Games To Keep You & Your Work Buddies Entertained

Being stuck in an office all day can result in periods of boredom. Obviously it is important to get all your work done in an appropriate time frame, but taking just a few minutes out to play some silly games can relieve tension, increase team spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next big project.

Penny Football

Another old school game; two players sit across from each other at a desk. Make a goal at either end, and have one penny for the ball plus a penny for each player. Taking it in turns, players must flick their own penny into the ‘ball’ with the aim of making it shoot through the opposing goal.

Waste Paper Basketball

Simple yet addictive – screw up a ball of waste paper and take it in turns to try and throw it in the bin. Give yourself one point every time you get it in. Once every player has gained at least one point in a certain position, get the player with the most points to choose a new location for the bin. The good thing about this game is that it is virtually undetectable by your boss – even if they see you participating, you will only look as if you are getting rid of some rubbish rather than playing a game when you should be working.

Tig off Ground

A variation on the old playground game, the aim of this is to never put your feet on the floor. Office chairs allow you to wheel yourself around from place to place without touching the floor, or for the more adventurous you could try clambering from desk to desk or making ‘paving stones’ out of folders and other pieces of equipment. You can either all play together, with the last person out the winner, or you can take it in turns and the other workers can do their best to make you lose.

Buzzword Bingo

This is an increasingly popular game in meetings or situations where a superior or outside speaker has to perform an address. Distribute cards to colleagues with six or so ‘buzzwords’ on each, making everyone’s card slightly different. Phrases such as ‘blue-sky thinking’ or ‘user-centric’ are examples. When the speaker utters these words or phrases, cross them off. The winner cannot claim their prize until they have exclaimed the word ‘bingo’ out loud. This can be done covertly as part of an innocuous question, covered with a cough or for the more daring simply shouted out.


There are all sorts of silly dares you can encourage co-workers to perform in the course of a normal working day. Stealing someone else’s coffee, running a lap of the office while the boss’s back is turned or suggesting that a meeting is concluded with the singing of the national anthem before launching into it are all things that we would prefer not to do, yet find hilarious if we made someone else do them!
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  4. Love your games! One favorite in our office is the Laughing Game. Everyone gets together in a circle and has to keep a straight face. Then each person takes it in turns to say "Ha ha", "Ho ho" or "Hee Hee". Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out. The game keeps going until one person's left.

    This is great fun, especially when the office is feeling stressed or people are feeling tired.

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