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                             This Guest Post was Compiled by JAMIE has become a house hold name since staring on the hit BBC show ‘The Voice’ and many people thought that he was the sure winner with his contestant Tyler, a close friend of Amy Winehouse.
During ‘The Voice’’s popularity within the UK grew hugely. Many believe that this was due to the fact that he was very open and honest with his critiques and on several occasions he allowed himself to cry in front of the cameras when he felt touched by the purity of a contestant’s voice, such as Jaz Ellington’s rendition of Ordinary People.  Not only did this bring tears to Will’s eyes but it also added some dollars to his account, as Ordinary people then re-charted in the UK.

Will’s effortless ability to connect with the audience both at home and in the audience has most certainly come from his countless hours preforming on stage with his group The Black Eyed Peas, which he formed back in 1995. However it was their Elephunk album, which was released in 2003, and the addition of new band member Fergie that gave them their worldwide success.

On the show the voice Will let us into his start into the music world and also what motivates him to spend 20 hour days in the studio and that was his mother. He said that “If it was not for my mother than I would not be hear making music”. has certainly made something of himself since his start in the music industry. He is now producing for the likes of Usher, LMFAO and Cheryl Cole. Cheryl Cole and have been rumoured to be dating for some time but all accounts have been denied by the couple; however, the recent car crash involving the pair has reignited suspicions. Will has worked on two of Cheryl Cole’s albums, ‘Three Little Words’ recorded in 2009 and her latest album ‘Cheryl’.

As the next series of the voice is due to air fairly soon it’s safe to say that the UK public will be eagerly awaiting the return of and his crazy dress sense. It was rumoured that Will was set to be producing the next albums for Tom Jones and Jessie Jay, however nothing has been confirmed officially. As’s great talent for creating and producing top records becomes more and more in demand there is one thing that is certain, he will be consistently engraving his name in the world of music as a living legend.

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