Monday, 13 August 2012

Insecure and Lost

This time around,
I was again left with heartbroken and tears,
I gotta be tough I gotta be strong
I hope it will soon be over

Lost and insecure
I thought for day and night if
I should give us another chance Why can't I just walk away when
I knew you were just lying to me what were you doing with her on the bed when I am missing you here

What were you doing with her on the bed when
I am planning for a surprise for you
I am not the most intelligent person nor I am the prettiest lad you ever know but this while you know I been treating you with all my heart love you with all my heart and how did you have the heart to fool me around?

Baby, it's saddening enough and I'd almost giving up myself
Yesterday night I cried in my sleep The moment I close my eyes, All the memories of you and I came flaunting back the days I call you baby! and those days you tried to make me smile and laugh because you said, I look best when I smile and my laughers that brightens you everyday

I was hurt this time around but I have never regret of knowing you and I did try everything I can to make your heart stay all I ask for is you being honest to me..
If a love wihtout honest and trust, what is love all about then?

Loving has blur my visions.. I no longer have the guts to go on.. Tell me baby, if we worth for another chance, for all the memories we been trying to hold on and is it worth trying again for the painstaking tears we shed I am left lost and insecure..

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